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Cat goes Fishing was a project I worked on from the end of October 2014 and was released in early January 2015.


I worked on the majority of the art assets, updating the game in chunks to improve the graphics and add new fishes to catch, even adding hats and boats later in the game.


Below is an example of the original background to what I've updated it to now. 

In the time this was being created it was just me and the developer working on this, he did all the coding while I provided all the art assets and together Cat Goes Fishing was created and published for all the play.

below is a gallery that holds the first bunch of art assets for the game.

Cat Goes Fishing Art
CGF Fishes - set 1
CGF Fishes - set 3
CGF Fishes - set 2
The Background

More info on this can be found on the Cat5Games website.

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