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LuAnne M Boudier

3rd March 1993

British, Peacehaven UK.

A digital artist with a passion for video games and cartoons. 
I've been drawing for over 20 years and learnt 3D modelling whilst at university and got my degree in; 

"Animation, Games & Interactive Design" with a First Class (BA Hons).

I create digital artwork influenced from cartoon, anime & fantasy games.

My interests have always and forever will be with Games, the art behind creating a field to move about in and explore what I've created is a dream, to allow others to feel and explore my creations as I see them, to share and love the world of gaming to a whole new level. (no pun intended)

I grew up with cartoons and anime and always played games from an even younger age, I intend to create worlds and tell stories for others to enjoy and feel part of.

FUN FACT: I change my hair colour constantly, It brings joy and just brightens my life as I create art.

A Earth without 'Art' is just 'Eh'


above photo is showcasing the "MindControl" hat merch.

a product created by my partner for his bussiness

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